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 A Letter from Count Eriadne

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A Letter from Count Eriadne Empty
PostSubject: A Letter from Count Eriadne   A Letter from Count Eriadne I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 6:47 pm

To: Dambrathan Foreign Relations Council

Attention: Duchess Fria'nne Milithor

From: Count Eriadne Milithor

Date: ((Current Date))

Dearest Cousin and Council Members,

I have arrived in Tharsult just yesterday and presented my credentials to the Pasha. Soon afterward I took a tour of Aunthurr and spoke with our traders and merchants there. Those I met with understand that I am the representative of Dambrathan law in these lands and that they should come to me with concerns and issues and that if they do something illegal that it will reflect poorly on our nation and thus I will be forced to bring the full force of Dambrath and our Patron Loviatar upon them.

Unfortunately for our position I have found some dire news. The Pale Elves of Evermeet may be planning on a war against Tharsult and Calimshan. I heard this news directly from Prince Jin'oori Ali of Calimshan who in addition to this news notified me of one of our people who tried to pick his pocket. Said citizen is now in my service and understands that she must not do these things in the future if she wishes to keep her arm.

The news of the Pale Elves is even more concerning to me and I believe it should be to you as well Cousin. We need this port to trade our goods to the rest of the world and as a stop over if we wish to take advantage of the "New World" and it's goods. May I suggest that we send a few military advisers to the Sultan here and offer his forces our goods at a slightly discounted rate while these hostilities are occurring. In addition, our ships should take great heed when sailing these waters and keep a close eye out for Pale Elven ships.

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A Letter from Count Eriadne
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